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Martes, Agosto 4, 2015

School Master's SimpleLearning: #simpleapplicationletter

School Master's SimpleLearning: #simpleapplicationletter: LEONARD LAURENCE S. BOAC 527 Brgy.Sto. Tomas San Jose City, Nueva Ecija   09364593666   simplelaurence24@gmail.com ____________________...


527 Brgy.Sto. Tomas San Jose City, Nueva Ecija   09364593666   simplelaurence24@gmail.com

2 July 2015

College for Research & Technology
San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I am pleased to submit my application letter for the position of English teacher at Colleges for Research and Technology. During my college days, I had undergone practice teaching which trained me to be an efficient and effective teacher. With my major in English, I am principally interested in utilizing my English skills and my knowledge in any school setting.

In addition, I taught for almost two years in JDS Montessori School. On my first year in teaching, I’ve handled grade 5 pupils as adviser to teach English, Reading and Science subjects. I was also appointed as one of School Paper advisers in the said school.

Being one of the School Paper Advisers, I was expected to represent the school in District Press Conference. Last September 2014, the school competed in District Press Conference with all the private schools ended up as champion in Radio Broadcasting Filipino category and gave us way to be a qualifier for the Division Press Conference to be competed with the public schools in Munoz. The school bagged medal and certificate of recognition for having won as third place in Radio Broadcasting Filipino Category Division Press Conference.

As well-rounded person, I am always willing to take any seminar or learning activity that could help me to be more efficient and effective teacher.

Lastly, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the English Teacher position. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very respectfully yours,

Leonard Laurence S. Boac


LEONARD LAURENCE S. BOAC                                                                          
Sto. Tomas San Jose City,
Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Contact Number: 0936-459-3666

Career Objectives:
            To obtain an employment opportunity which utilizes my knowledge, skills and capabilities which offers opportunities for my personal contribution, professional growth and working environment and enables me to grow while meeting the company’s goal.

·         Board Licensure Examination for Teachers Passer
·         Patient and has the ability to adjust to any work situations
·         Willingness to learn new ideas and techniques, which will develop my skills and abilities
·         Cooperative and maintains good working relationship with co-workers
·         Organize, hardworking, trustworthy and dedicated
·         Computer literate


Customer Service Representative
Sitel Philippines
Baguio City
April-May 2015

English and Science Teacher
JDS Montessori School
June2013 - March 2015

School Paper Adviser
JDS Montessori School
June2013 - March 2015

Radio Broadcaster Adviser (Filipino Category)
District and Division Press Conference
June2013 - March 2015

Assistant Teacher
JDS Montessori School
Pre-Nursery and Kinder
June2013 - March 2015


Ms. Jocelyn ErachoHilario
School Directress
JDS Montessori School

Mary Ann C. Rellegue
Head Teacher
JDS Montessori School


Date of Birth                                                    October 24, 1991
Sex                                                                  Male
Status                                                              Single
Nationality                                                       Filipino
Language/ Dialect Spoken                             Filipino and English
Parents                                                            Mr. Efren C. Boac
                                                                        Ms. Leonora S. Boac

Tertiary                                                            Core Gateway College
                                                                        San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
                                                                        April 3, 2014

Degree                                                            Bachelor of Secondary Education

Major                                                               English

Secondary                                                      Munoz National High School
                                                                        Science City of Munoz, Nueva ecija
                                                                        March 2008

Elementary                                                     Sto. Tomas Elementary School
                                                                        Sto. Tomas San Jose City Nueva Ecija
                                                                        March 2004

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.